Youth-for-youth lab dedicated to creating innovative projects for climate action.

Creating innovative projects for climate action.


We are a non-profit dedicated to creating and supporting projects that amplify climate action through intergenerational collaboration. 


Climate policy

Despite being powerful agents of change, youth are often left out of decision-making processes. Through mentorship, online tools and policy advice, we are elevating the role of youth in climate policy. 

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Climate entrepreneurship 

We are developing solutions to better support climate entrepreneurs and break down barriers to accessing climate finance. 

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We work to identify, design and pilot new ideas for effective climate action.

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launching SOON

Global Ecosystem Map for Climate Entrepreneurship

To develop the solutions to today's toughest challenges, entrepreneurship is key to adapt, develop and deploy climate technologies (clean technologies), business models and social enterprises. We've created a Global Ecosystem Map of all opportunities offered for those wanting to take their idea to the next level.