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Event Assistance

We put together events frequently. This is a lot of work. This entails lots of planning, making social media events and content, venue coordination, day-of set up, in-event help, and everyone’s favourite, take down!

Want to help us with an event?

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Digital Media Volunteer

Are you a UX wiz? Are you a master of back-end web design? Are you an influencer in the making? We want to hear what you can do with technology because we want to reach far and make a positive impact. We are open to your suggestions.

Want to help us create content?

have web suggestions for us?


We are trying to show people what we are going at work, in meetings, at events (and more)! If you love photography, we need your help!

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Did we not mention your special skill? Did you have a different idea of how to help? Don’t be shy! Tell us what you were thinking!

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