Our Work

We aim to amplify action in climate policy and climate entrepreneurship. 

Youth play a crucial role in combating climate change. Their active participation provides intergenerational viewpoints of present and future citizens, which are fundamental to sustainable development. 

By building spaces and provide concrete resources for youth and youth+ climate communities, the Youth Climate Lab is empowering youth and catalyzing action on climate change. Our projects fit into two streams of work: climate policy and climate entrepreneurship.


Areas of Work


Climate Policy

Though today’s youth will inherit the consequences of present-day decisions, limited opportunities exist for them to meaningfully engage in climate negotiations and work constructively with governments and international bodies to enhance climate ambition. This is despite youth continually proving that they have the creativity, passion and innovation to ensure a safe climate.

For this reason, we aim to meaningfully engage youth in international and national climate policy.


climate Entrepreneurship

Despite already taking great initiative on climate action, youth around the world lack mentorship and financial resources to fully unlock their potential as a generation of change-makers. We believe that if given the right support and platform, these ideas would finally be realized into action.

For this reason, we aim to connect young climate entrepreneurs with the resources they need to bring their ideas to life.