About Us


History and mission

The Youth Climate Lab is a youth-for-youth non-profit, founded in 2017, dedicated to supporting and creating youth-driven, innovative projects for climate action. We are an organization that works with governments, businesses, civil society and international organizations to identify, design and pilot new ideas for effective climate action. Our mission is to break down barriers for youth to access climate finance and policy. We work to build and activate our networks to deliver a range of programs that have demonstrated potential to stimulate intergenerational climate innovation.

We have spent years navigating the challenges of youth inclusion in the worlds of climate negotiations and climate entrepreneurship. We have seen firsthand the need for an ecosystem of support for young people in the field.


Our long term vision

  1. Young people are activated and mobilized to channel their innovation and creativity into climate action as they meaningfully engage in climate policy and entrepreneurship processes.

  2. Local climate policy and entrepreneurship communities connect with each other and to the international climate policy process.

  3. Youth and youth+ working at all scales of climate action build a supportive, inclusive community. This community shares resources and provides support to influence decision-makers, promote access to capital, and create new opportunities for collaborative action.


Our values

The Youth Climate Lab strives to promote social and environmental justice, advocate for intergenerational and intragenerational equity, and recognizee that climate impacts will disproportionately affect women and girls, especially from the Global South.


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