Young people are innovators.


No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.

Today’s youth are set to inherit the consequences of present-day decisions, yet limited opportunities exist for them to contribute meaningfully. 

This disconnect has led to important gaps that threaten to limit climate ambition and jeopardize future involvement of youth in these important decision-making processes.

Further, the climate ambition that youth are calling for - in actions and protests across the globe - is not reflected in current decision-making. Youth are calling for greater action, however, have limited opportunities to constructively engage in negotiations to enhance climate ambition.

We want to change that. 


How we work.


Our vision 

The Youth Climate Lab is a youth-for-youth organization dedicated to supporting and creating innovative projects for climate action. We strive to create an ecosystem where youth are supported and activated to channel their innovation and creativity into climate policy and entrepreneurship. We serve as a connecter, facilitator, and designer, and work with governments, businesses, and international organizations to pilot new ideas to accelerate climate action. We are a team of climate leaders from around the globe, based in Ottawa, Canada.

We think the best way to do that is by thinking globally, while acting locally. Using social media and leveraging our vast networks, we are building an organization with a global reach while also connecting with entrepreneurs with the necessary connections to get things done. This allows us to select the best ideas for tackling climate change from around the world and plant them in various cities with the help of local communities.


Our mission

Our mission is to foster rapid, human-centric economic and social change by providing young climate leaders the support they need to create projects and businesses that make enduring changes that help the world address climate change.


Our values

There is no question young people are taking part in incredible action around the world to build a bright and sustainable future. We want to support, inspire, and connect in order to have a greater impact. 

We work collaboratively, ethically, and sustainably. We also encourage equal gender participation in our projects, and global north/global south collaboration.