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As one of Forbes Top 30 under 30 Leaders, Innovators, and Visionary Entrepreneurs (Europe) and one of Canada's Top 30 under 30, Larissa is passionate about environmental justice and works hard to build resilience and adaptive capacity in communities who need it the most. She has four years of experience working in international development, Indigenous affairs, and the energy sector.

Larissa is currently in law school at McGill University, seeking to work in the fields of environmental and Indigenous law. She also holds an MSc in Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford, where she focussed her studies on climate change adaptation and resilience studies.

Larissa is also heavily involved in the UN climate negotiations and has attended several COPs, most recently as a party delegate for the Seychelles, supporting the team on loss and damage and gender.

She has held previous posts at the Overseas Development Institute, Canadian Federal Parliament, Ontario Energy Board, and Toronto City Hall.