We're elevating the role of youth in climate policy.

We strive to create an ecosystem where youth are supported and activated to channel their innovation and creativity into climate policy.


Youth Climate Mentorship Program

We’re working to connect youth with policy-makers, negotiators and international organizations on a solutions-oriented policy program. We will be working with six to eight partner countries and international organizations to pair up with youth groups in order to work together over a year.


Though the number of youth engaged in UNFCCC processes is steadily increasing, there are limited formal channels that connect youth to negotiators and other experts.  As a result, youth are left dangerously uninformed and disenfranchised from the decision-making processes which will determine their future.

Youth will get valuable first hand experience on the negotiation process, while providing meaningful input to the negotiations team.

The first cohort intake will begin in January 2018.

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We believe in the power of youth voices, but recognize that the process may be daunting and overwhelming, even for those with the best intentions. We’re creating a dynamic online platform to demystify the complex processes and build capacity for meaningful youth engagement.


The work of the UNFCCC remains largely uncommunicated, in part due to its complexity, to those working outside the realms of international climate change policy.  The work of the UNFCCC will be more effective and influential if we can leverage youth networks to make people more invested in the outcomes of the process.


seychelles support team

We’ve designed a new model to train the next generation of negotiators, by connecting national and international youth on a team to cover negotiations and COP activities.


For most youth attending UNFCCC meetings, access to the official proceedings is limited. Students and young professionals have skills and expertise to contribute, but little opportunity to do so. 

We created the Support Team model to meaningfully engage youth in climate policy processes through training and reporting on negotiations, while also providing important support to the official delegation. We're piloting the program with the Seychelles at COP23.